Glass Garage Doors Are Popular Option

There was a time when you had to open the front door and walk inside to see if seats were available or if people were having a good time at a local bar or restaurant. That is no longer the case; glass garage doors are now popular at many eateries and for a variety of other commercial uses.

“Instead of an immovable wall or storefront, people like the open feeling glass doors provide,” said Rob Pettyjohn, manager of Overhead Door Company of Denver. “For this reason, glass garage doors have really exploded in popularity over the past 10 years. They are a substantial portion of our commercial business, and the numbers are still on the rise.”

He pointed out that glass garage doors also are popular at hotels, schools, office buildings and car dealerships.

There are several reasons glass doors are showing up throughout the business world.

Let the Light Shine In
It’s obvious that a glass door will let the natural light in. Sunlight provides a more pleasant atmosphere than artificial light, and it also reduces the need for indoor lighting, thus saving energy costs. Pettyjohn pointed out that glass doors might not have the insulation values you would get from a polyurethane garage door or an aluminum storefront, but he added that “we can meet most local energy codes by providing insulated glass, stiles and rails. We also meet the recent International Energy Conservation Code for air infiltration requirements.”

Glass Looks Good
Glass doesn’t rust or corrode, it’s reasonably easy to keep clean, and Pettyjohn noted that the aluminum material supporting the glass is available in 200 powder-coated colors plus various shades of bronze. Additionally, you can decorate glass doors with company logos and important information—or get creative with patterns and designs that make your business more inviting to potential clients and customers.

Increased Security
A strong glass garage door will help keep intruders out when a business is closed for the night. It will also discourage break-ins because law enforcement officers and others who pass by will be able to see burglars inside the business.
“Glass doors provide aesthetic appeal and the security of a wall—the best of both worlds,” Pettyjohn said.

You Can Attract Potential Customers
This is true not only with restaurants and bars but other businesses. A potential customer walking past might see a product inside that interests him. You can also use glass as an opportunity to set up displays that might drive traffic to your business and encourage the public to come inside.

Pettyjohn acknowledged that glass garage doors may be more costly than other options, but, in many cases, are worth the added expense. “Architects and commercial businesses still make the investment because of the dual functionality and added aesthetic appeal,” he commented.

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