How to Keep Your Commercial Door Moving Smoothly

Overhead Door of ColoradoIf your commercial garage door opens and closes a few hundred times a day, sooner or later, the moving parts are going to wear out. The best way to keep your door operating at an optimal level is to establish a preventive maintenance program with an experienced company that knows all about the ups and downs of doors.

“I usually recommend preventive maintenance in the fall, right before the start of winter, and again in the spring,” says Neil Healy, who has been in commercial sales with Overhead Door Company of the Colorado Mountains since March 1989.

Healy explains that the parts responsible for moving commercial doors up and down get a lot more use in winter than during other times of the year. In the summer, most commercial doors remain open throughout the day. When the days get shorter and the air gets cooler, though, companies tend to keep their doors closed as much as possible to save on energy bills.

So, what type of preventive maintenance is required to keep a commercial door operating properly? Here’s a breakdown of what the experts at Overhead Door Company of the Colorado Mountains typically do for a sectional steel door:

  • Check the condition of bearings in the door rollers.
  • Review the cables for fraying, which can cause doors to be cockeyed or worse, they may come crashing down.
  • Look for cracking in the cable drums.
  • Reset the spring tension.
  • Ensure that the safety devices, which prevent the door from closing on something in its path, are working properly.

With rolling steel doors, which have fewer moving parts than sectional doors, the spring tension must be checked; the endlocks, which keep the curtain aligned, have to be in good shape and fastened properly; there can’t be any slack in the chain; and the chain hoist must be in good operating condition. The safety devices must be checked, and, for doors that open and close using electricity, the motor must be examined.

Healy says the frequency for preventive maintenance depends on how many times a door opens and closes. He notes that in a parking garage, a door might go up and down 200 times a day, while at other businesses, a door might be used only four or five times over the course of a 24-hour period. He offers his customers preventive maintenance services quarterly, semi-annually or annually, depending on how often a door is used.

“We do lots of preventive maintenance at warehouses, which usually have many doors that go up and down like yoyos,” he says. “The more a door is used, the more important it is for it to be part of a preventive maintenance program.”

Healy says sectional doors generally last for around 10,000 up-and-down cycles, while rolling steel door springs usually have a life of around 20,000 cycles. He can offer his customers a spring assembly that is guaranteed to last for 100,000 cycles.

“In that case, the door usually wears out before the spring assembly,” he says.

To schedule an appointment for preventive maintenance this season, consult the experts at Overhead Door Company of the Colorado Mountains. Give them a call at 970-468-0900.