Should You Replace or Repair Your Garage Door?

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Is Your Garage Door Working Properly?

Homeowners buy new furniture, update their appliances and remodel their kitchens and bathrooms, but they mostly ignore their garage door until it stops working or starts making strange noises that signal that something is about to go wrong.

Should You Repair Your Garage Door?

So how should you react when your garage door looks like it’s ready for the junk heap or wakes up your neighbors every time you open or close it? Is it time for a new door, or would it be cost-effective to call on an expert to fix your old one? That depends on two major factors, according to Wendell Giles, a longtime sales representative with Overhead Door Company of Northern Colorado. 

How Old is Your Garage Door?

“There are a lot of factors to consider, but age and quality are the two big ones,” says Giles, who has been in the garage door business for nearly four decades. “Twenty-five or 30 years is the average you would expect a door to last, but a good quality door will be good for 30 to 40 years.”

Have You Previously Repaired Your Garage Door?

Giles points out that if you’ve already had to replace the door’s springs two or three times, you might be at a point where the entire door needs to go the next time the springs fail.

“The brake shoes of a garage door are the springs,” he says. “They need to be replaced every so often, in general, every eight to 10 years.”

Is Your Garage Door Making Strange Noises?

So how can you tell when you might need to call an expert to take a look at your overhead door? According to Giles, unusual noises coming from your door are a clear sign that all is not well and that if you don’t do something about it, things will get worse.

“If you start hearing grinding or squealing, that should be a trigger to call,” Giles says. “Things wear out such as rollers and bearings, and hinges break.”

A New Garage Door Might Be More Cost Effective

Another factor to consider, he says, is that you might discover that replacing worn out parts could be more expensive than buying a new garage door.

He adds that there are times when it’s a good idea to replace the door even if it can be repaired. For example, if you substitute a new, insulated door for your 30- or 40-year-old door, you’ll save money because you’ll use less energy to heat and cool your home.

Is Your Garage Door Damaged?

Giles says that garage doors are especially vulnerable during the winter months, when they are subject to being damaged by snowplows or even cars or trucks skidding on snow-packed or icy driveways.

“If at least two sections of the door are damaged beyond repair, that’s definitely a sign that it’s time to replace the door,” Giles says.

A New, Modern Garage Door Will Add Value to Your Home

In addition to mechanical issues, there are also visual reasons to replace a door. It is the largest part of the house that can be easily replaced compared to brick, stucco, or siding. If your home needs a facelift or some updating to increase curb appeal, the garage door is a great place to start. Currently, the “carriage house” or all glass styles are the “go to” styles that are popular for updating the look of your home.

Regardless of whether you choose to replace or repair your garage door, you should seek the opinion of an expert such as Overhead Door Company of Northern Colorado before making that decision. Give them a call at 970-468-0900.